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I am Dustin McQuillan, a CPA and Entrepreneur from Pennsylvania.

I have spent 12 years in Tampa, Florida providing professional accounting & tax services for clients.

Now I am publishing my experience to share with you.

Mission:  Develop true potential innovating new ways of thinking, living and working.

Welcome to McQuillan and Company, P.A.

Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA


McQuillan and Company, P.A.

As a CPA, I invested in a professional services business. My firm’s capability to produce targeted results at competitive market rates provides an advantage in today’s global economic environment. With a focus on helping business owners manage financial information, we are learning how productivity growth can lead to improvements in our lives and well-being.

Simplifying information for decision makers is valuable. Since 2005, I have provided professional services to hundreds of clients and worked with numerous high-net worth individuals. With Big 4 experience in public accounting seasoned with a rare executive level management background in private industry, I worked to develop a market deliverable that supports a growing service sector.


Connect with a CPA who knows what it takes to organize, capitalize and grow a business that realizes value.

Simplifying Financial Information Management.

The key to monitoring your return on capital investments is having access to relevant & reliable information. With a focus on value, my unique ability to “connect the dots” provides clients with market perspective, professional guidance and entrepreneurial insight. Gain your competitive edge by working with a trusted advisor who specializes in organization, simplification and systematization.

Calculate & Analyze the Return on Investments.

Accounting, Tax & Consulting

Planning is essential for success.

Organized Plans for Success.

Develop the True Potential.

Develop the True Potential.


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Leading the Next Generation.

Family dynamics play an important role in our society. The combination of our individual core strengths, talents and personality is what makes us all unique. My family's challenge is similar to any group of individuals. We need to adapt to change while continuously balancing individual self-interest with our need to harmoniously cooperate.

Dustin W. McQuillan
Stephanie M. McQuillan
Mason J. McQuillan
Artist & Scientist
William C. McQuillan
Artist & Scientist

Exploring E-Commerce Opportunities.

We live in a digital information age where our daily tasks are completed in a global economic environment. Our communities are more socially connected than ever before and individuals are free to labor and earn as they see fit. Let us promote peace, unity and well-being.